The history of choppers goes all the way back to the 1940’s when WW II soldiers were unhappy when coming home to the big heavy American motorcycles. But it didn’t stop there, choppers have continued to evolve and change with the different wants and needs of new eras. So just how did we get from bulky American motorcycles, to crazy sleek creations?


During WW II soldiers in Europe got used to the lighter, sleeker, and faster European bikes that were a lot more fun then American bikes of the time, So when coming home Vets started to hang out and think of ways to change their bikes. So these new, “bikers”, a new term of the the time, began “chopping” their bikes. They removed or modified fenders and removed excess parts. But it wasn’t really until the late 60’s early 70’s that we started to see what we today know as choppers.


Not only do we see the removing or chopping of windshields, fenders, headlights, blinkers, crash bars, big seats, etc. But we also see the traditional raking of the front end, which is just when the stretch the front end so the tire hangs way out in front. Another staple of a chopper are the handle bars commonly refereed to as “Ape Hangers”. This is when they raise the handle bars high up so while riding it it looks like your hanging from them, thus ape hangers. As choppers continue to change we see more new things come up, such as the big fat back tire, smaller gas tanks, smaller turn signals, and small headlights. Builders are always finding new ways to save weight and space. Many remove batteries and use magnetos to reduce weight. Its all about a sleek sexy look when it comes to these bikes.


In the 1990’s the chopper movement was revitalized and people again wanted these unique bikes. Screamin Demon is here to provide that to you. President Cory says, “Choppers are very personal bikes, they speak to the character of the owner” At Screamin Demon it’s our mission to provide you a bike that speaks to you. One thing you can know for sure is that when you ride “what the devil rides” you are on something unique.

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